Our Team


                                     Bitsiht Nigusu


Bitsiht Tsegaye is Voluntarily serving TEAM as the Project Assistant. She has graduated from a month-long online think tank leadership training at the Atlas Leadership Academy and holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology from Addis Ababa University. She served as a science teacher in MacoBili Academy from2012 to 2014 and then after she joined AB Academy  as a School Principal. Bitshit has made speeches  on TEAM’s Women’s for Liberty Series held in Ethiopia and Kenya.


Mr. Abera Faris serves TEAM voluntarily as an account manager and helps the movement in auditing and financial transactions. He is a professional financial analyst in Abay Bank Share Co.

                                    Kidus Mehalu


Kidus Mehalu is the Co-founder & Executive Director of TEAM. Kidus obtained his Bachelor of Business Administration(BBA) degree from Curtin University, received his graduate diploma in European Union (EU) Studies from the Centre International de Formation Européenne.  He is also a Director for AU Affairs, Regional Economic Communities,NEPAD & UN Agencies at the African Youth Commission .


Mr. Zelalem Niguse is a Program Assistant for TEAM while working in his full time profession as a Pharmacist. He receives and analyzes meeting requests and communicates with student chapter leaders across nine universities in Ethiopia and respond to their request and help fulfill their needs, when possible and necessarily.



Yanet is a Social Media Assistant of TEAM. She maintains & updates our website & social media outlets. She graduated in Bachelor of science degree in Computer Science from Adama University. She also holds a degree in Management from Rift Valley University.



Mr.Biruk Gashaw is a Legal Advisor of TEAM. He graduated a LLB degree in Law from New Generation University.