Anouncement of our New Published Book!

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Dear Friends of Liberty,

We are very pleased to announce that the Amharic edition of ‘The Morality of Capitalism’ is just out. It is one of our main accomplishments of 2014 which aims to challenge the common perspectives of free market capitalism and influence the thinking about the subject matter of liberty by filling the gap of the language barriers and providing the basic texts of freedom in a post socialist Ethiopia which lead to further the momentum to build toward achieving social change.

Our translation projects are focusing on translating, publishing, and distributing the work of incredibly prolific and brilliant writers aimed at spreading the central ideas of classical liberal thought to as wide an audience as possible and empower students on how a society could develop harmoniously in a non-centralized free economic and social order.

The Amharic edition of ‘The Morality of Capitalism’ now helps to improve student’s knowledge on the values of economic freedom and free market principles, which in turn have great impacts on strengthening free enterprise, enhancing human flourishing, and spreading the central ideas of free market entrepreneurship. In addition, we believe it develops the understanding & strengthens the abilities of students to act as antidotes to the country that is still heavily under the influence of socialist policies, none more destructive than the prohibition on private land ownership and notorious for the advancement of free trade.

TEAM is committed to put the books at the hands of students in every high school & university through our liberty seminars, student group meetings, organizing book fairs and donation to student clubs of liberty, & libraries across the country.

TEAM has been grateful for the permission of the copy right holder of the original book & the support of Atlas Network, Networks for a Free Society, Students for Liberty, & other liberty enthusiastic individuals towards the publication of this amazing book.

We thank you very much for standing with The TEAM and counting on your vital support again for the ongoing economic freedom research on trade barriers, students for liberty activism, and the local publication of this year Economic Freedom of the World Report 2014. As a member of the Economic Freedom Network, we are the official Co-Publisher in Ethiopia and officially approved to translate and re-publish this year report by Economic Freedom Network.

Your support will have a tremendous impact on thousands of students in educating them about the proper moral foundations for liberty, ideas for a free society, , and enabling them to get to know each other and form friendships. Please make a generous contribution of whatever you can afford to help grow and expand our reach and activities. Please  donate here today!

We cannot thank you enough for your continued support to keep liberty alive.

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In the Spirit of liberty and peace,


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