Call for Student Participants

I warmly welcome university students and young graduates to our program for the first ever liberty camp program to be held from 15 to 21 December, 2013.

This program will bring with it a new direction, a new vision and a new tomorrow for 35 young students who are thinking of their own future in Ethiopia. Young people’s needs are to be looked at systemically and not in isolation and integrated into our economic policies and the morality of private initiatives, to address this, our theme for the camp is set to be “Big Questions in a Changing World“.

We hope to achieve a lot with the varied views, experiences and sharing of young students from around the country’s higher educational institutions and invite you to come and be part of the change we define in our world. Members of Ethiopian Students for Liberty, SFL Charter Team Leaders, and leaders of the established student clubs of entrepreneurial liberties are encouraged to apply. In addition, members of Bastiat Society-Ethiopia Chapter will have an exclusive access to the specific Bastiat’s focused program during the camp.  If you are interested to partake in the program, please contact us with your letter of intent, Short-biography, your name and name of university, telephone number, and the course you are studying by email:


The camp is free of charge to all selected participants. Lodging and accommodation will be provided free of charge to selected participants from 14 to 21 December, 2013.

Students are also encouraged to apply for financial support for travel costs. Due to the limitation of funding, we will then consider the applications in a very special cases and situation of students. At this time, we are exploring funding support to participants who are unable to attend our program without support, if successful we will announce it in our web site & face book page. Please check our site regularly.

Thank you for your interest and looking forward to hear from you

Project Manager, TEAM

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